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Beth and me enjoying another day at the beach!


Things I didn’t bring on my cross - country trip at age 22.

  • A juicer - Water pic - Microwavable heat pack - Electric heating pad 

  • 6 different kinds of vitamins - Prescription of anti-depressants -Giant bottle of Advil 

  • Foam roller - Rolling stick - Lacrosse ball - Knobby ball - Massage gun – Cool lazer

  • TRX – 2 Yoga mats - yoga strap – Paddle board

  • 2 Foot high air mattress - Topper to put on air mattress - 2 pillows

  • Celery for use in juicer

  • Cell phone - Lap top – Bose blue tooth speaker – Garmin watch -Kindle

  • Chargers for all of the above


I arise every morning torn between the desire to save the world and the desire to savor the world.  It makes it hard to plan my day.
- E.B. White





To anyone contemplating taking a class from Dina or getting a massage by Dina, let me advise you to say yes on both endeavors. I have been taking fitness classes from Dina the past seven years.  I have taken bands, balls, and weights classes, spinning, cardio fusion and zumba
classes and have been challenged by each and every one of them. I can honestly say you won’t be disappointed and I would consider myself an intermediate when taking classes. As far as her massages go I would have them weekly if I could afford to but once a month for anyone is an awesome treat! She is extremely effective and gets rid of pain.

Sue I.

Dina is a fantastic personal trainer.  She is very knowledgeable and has great teaching skills. She's
motivating and supportive, and she makes the hard work fun! I've enjoyed working with Dina not just
because of the positive results we've achieved together....more importantly, her warm and encouraging spirit has brought me more confidence in myself. I highly recommend Dina if you're seeking someone to guide you on your journey toward physical, mental, and spiritual fitness.

Jackie W.

I highly recommend Dina for any business that values their employees and is looking for ways to show appreciation while reducing stress. Once a month we have Dina at Granite Ledges to offer chair massages to our staff. The staff very much looks forward to when she will be at our community, as they enjoy the pampering even if it is only for a short time. After the massage they are able to return back to work feeling both physically and mentally rejuvenated.

Deb Burns



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